Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project M&P Test Fire

Hit the range this morning for Saturday morning shotgun and to test fire and zero my M&P, which was the focus of my last post.

As expected, the gun functioned fine.  The trigger pull has been slightly reduced and is dramatically smoother.  The reset is also improved.

The sights required no additional adjustment.  I really like the Ameriglo Pro Glo front sight, it is highly visible in all the lighting conditions I've tried it in.  I still think that I might want a wider notch in the rear sight.  There is not a whole lot of daylight on either side of the front sight.  It may be fine on a gun with a longer sight radius, but on the shorter barreled compact, I think it may be a little too slow.

I didn't have the opportunity to run the gun on the timer, but that wasn't really the purpose of this outing.

The snow is getting to be a problem.  Wading through three feet of snow to set or check a target sucks.  Shooting on the move would have involved snow shoes.  I don't particularly like shooting indoors, but that may be the only option for the rest of the winter.

It is becoming more clear that I may have to join another club that is more conducive to my needs.  I'm missing the ability to set up multiple targets at whatever distance I want.  Thankfully, there is no shortage of ranges in my area.

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